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What's Beta?

Adventist Digital Library is open to the world for use, but there are still a few things we are tweaking in the background:

  • Metadata: Consistent descriptive fields for the scans is extremely important, and this task is ongoing. You may see items re-categorized. If you feel that an item could have more information, you are welcome to email the content manager with your suggestion.

  • Archival Content: We are offering full archival files of our images, but our books and documents will be in PDF form. If you need a high resolution image of one of our items, you will need to contact the originating institution. The plan in the future is to have a link to that content directly from this site, but that will be in another release.

  • Mobile Accessibility: We are currently working on our theming to allow a better experience for our mobile users. Tablets and PCs are fully supported. We recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

  • Content: Uploading content from our huge backlog of digitized materials takes time, and we want our users to know that when they do a search, they are finding all materials on their subject that have been digitized and submitted to the Library. This initial launch shows a representative dataset which allows for users to start understanding how the Library is structured and how the searching works. We have a prioritized schedule of our content uploads, which we have based on time periods. Once all digitized content has been loaded, a date will appear in the Backlog Uploaded column. Once we have worked with the institutional contributors and all holdings from Seventh-day Adventist institutions are uploaded, a date will appear in the Collection Uploaded column. Once you have a date in that last column, you as a user will know that you are searching the most comprehensive collection of digitized materials on that time period that is available. Contributions and special request content will be loaded as necessary.

We have provided all users access to our "bug tracker" software, so those with real interest can see what monsters we are battling in the background. You can see our open issues here.

We welcome your feedback and reports on issues you may find with the site. Please contact our systems administrator.