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December 6, 2016

This is a list of items loaded on December 6, 2016. Thanks goes to the Center for Adventist Research, Union College, and The General Conference Department of Archives, Statistics, and Research.

Books and Documents

A letter from Arthur Spaulding to Barbara Phipps, 1947.

An Alarm to the World Dedicated to All Ranks of Men, 1792.

Andrews, John Navins, Thoughts on the Sabbath, And the Perpetuity of the Law of God, 1851.

Arguments On the Breckinridge Sunday Bill Before The House Committee On District Of Columbia, at Washington, D. C., 1890.

Bliss, Sylvester, Analysis of Sacred Chronology with the Elements of Chronology; And the Numbers of the Hebrew Text Vindicated, 1850.

Corliss, John Orr, Origin, History and Effects of Adventism Replies to D. M. Canright's Attacks on Seventh-day Adventists, 1890.

Cottrell, Roy Franklin, What and Where Is Heaven?, 193-.

Doctrinal Discussions, 1961.

Dudley, Roger Louis, A World Survey on the State of the Seventh-day Adventist Church 2007-2008, 2009.

Froom, LeRoy Edwin, The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. I.

Froom, LeRoy Edwin, The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. II.

Guinness, Henry Grattan, Key to the Apocalypse, 1899.

Hazelton Adventist Church Systematic Benevolence Records, 1900-1906.

Himes, Joshua Vaughan, The World to Come!, 1849.

History of the South East Africa Union, 194-.

Jemison, Hedwig Nagele, Ellen White and Her Work, 1986

Jonathan, True Grace, Distinguished from the Experience of Devils in a Sermon, Preached before the Synod of New York, Convened at Newark in New Jersey, on September 28, N.S. 1752, 1791.

Jones, Alonzo Trévier, Is Sunday the True Sabbath of God?, 1903.

Kis, Miroslav Mirko, Thoughts on a SDA Theology of Ordination, 1999.

Labagh, Isaac Peter, A Sermon on the Necessity of the Personal Return and Reign of Christ on the Earth, 1842.

Litch, Reverend J., Address to the Public, And Especially the Clergy, On the Near Approach of the Glorious, Everlasting Kingdom Of God on Earth, 1842.

Loughborough, John Norton, Sabbath Controversy in Allegan, Michigan, 1858.

Martin, M.D., J. L., Why I am now a Seventh-day Adventist and an outline for the reason for my belief, 1940.

Miller, William, Evidence from Scripture and History of the Second Coming of Christ, About the Year 1843; Exhibited In a Course of Lectures, 1842.

Nichol, Francis David, Ellen G. White and Her Critics, 1951.

Odom, Robert Leo, The Ark of the Covenant: Will It Be Found?, 1962.

Offen, Benjamin, A Legacy, to the Friends of Free Discussion, 1846.

Pratt, Orson, Absurdities of Immaterialism, 1849.

Price, George McCready, Why I Am Not an Evolutionist, 193-.

Protestant Nonconformist Layman, The Second Advent Introductory to the World's Jubilee – A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Raffles on the Subject of His "Jubilee Hymn," 1847

Ramik, Vincent Lawrence, The Ramik Report: Memorandum of Law, Literary Property Rights, 1790-1915, 1981.

Raynolds, F. A., How Esther Read Her Bible, 193-.

Robinson, Asa Theron, The Seven Trumpets, 1904.

Shuler, John Lewis, The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast: What are they?, 193-.

Snow, Samuel Sheffield, The Book of Judgment Delivered to Israel by Elijah the Messenger of the Everlasting Covenant, 1848.

Spalding, Arthur Whitefield, Captains of the Host, 1949.

Spalding, Arthur Whitefield, Christ's Last Legion, 1949.

Spayd, Lucian Wilson, The Two Covenants and the Sabbath.

Spicer, William Ambrose, Suggestive Notes on the Study of the Time of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets of Revelation 9, 192-.

Starbuck, Zella Edith, The Baptism of the Spirit, 193-.

Statements Regarding Ellen G. White from the Public Press, 196-.

Steinweg, Bruno William, Developments in the Teaching of Justification and Righteousness by Faith in The Seventh-day Adventist Church after 1900 update 1948 to 1988 of a Thesis Presented at The Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary For The Master Of Arts Degree, April 1948, 1998.

Stock, Joseph, The Works of George Berkeley, D.D., Bishop of Cloyne to Which are Added, an Account of His Life; and Several of His Letters to Thomas Prior, Esq.; Dean Gervais; Mr. Pope, Etc., 1837.

Storrs, George, Six Sermons on the Inquiry is There Immortality in Sin and Suffering?, 1855.

The Investigator, Vol. III, 1834.

The Voice of the Church on the Coming and Kingdom of the Redeemer, 1866.

Thompson, Charles, Christian Stewardship, 193-.

Tregelles, Samuel Prideaux, Remarks on the Prophetic Visions in the Book of Daniel, 1864.

Waggoner, Joseph Harvey, The Mark of the beast, 1864.

Waterford Adventist Church Financial Church Records, 1881-1882.

Were, Louis Fitzroy, The Deceitfulness of Sin, 194-.

What Is Truth?, 186-.

Whately, Richard, A View of the Scripture Revelations Concerning a Future State Laid before His Parishoners, by a Country Pastor, 1830.

White, Arthur, The Last Mediatorial Work of Christ.

White, Ellen Gould, Danger of False Ideas on Justification by Faith, 198-.

White, Ellen Gould, False Ideas on Justification, 1989.

White, Ellen Gould, Our Duty to the Colored People, 1891.

White, Ellen Gould, Recreation an Appeal to Students and Teachers in Our Schools, And Employees in Our Sanitariums, 1912.

White, Ellen Gould, Testimony for the Battle Creek Church, 1882.

White, Ellen Gould, The Importance of Unity, 199-.

White, Ellen Gould, The Integrity of the Sanctuary Truth, 1980.

White, James Springer, Death and Burial: Or Scriptural Conversion, 1882.

Williamson, Jesse James, Student Commentary and Syllabus on the Book of Revelation, 1954.

Wolff, Simon Hough, Missionary Journal and Memoir of The Rev. Joseph Wolff, Missionary to the Jews Comprising His First Visit to Palestine in the Years 1821 and 1822, 1827.

Tracts from the National Religious Liberty Association:

Congress on Sunday Legislation, 1890.

Evangelization by Law, 1890.

God in the Constitution, 1890.

Legislating Upon Religion, 1890.

Politics in Religion, 1890.

Public Schools: What Are They? For What Purpose Maintained?, 1890.

Religious Legislation, 1890.

Religious Persecution in Tennessee, 1890.

Shall Religion Be Taught In The Public Schools?, 1890.

Sunday and the World's Fair, 1890.

Sunday Laws and Working-Men, 1890.

Sunday Laws: Their Origin, Development, Nature, and Object, 1890.

The "Civil Sabbath" Or, Disguised Religious Legislation, 1890.

The Bible in the Public Schools, 1890.

The Celebrated King Case: What the Press Says Of It, 1890.

The True Statesman, 1890.

Was Israel A Republic?, 1890.

Who Do Men Say That I Am?, 1890.


A letter from Uriah Smith to Dudley M. Canright, August 26 1880.

A letter from James White to Dudley M. Canright, February 11 1881.

A letter from James White to Dudley M. Canright, March 31 1881.

A letter from James White to Dudley M. Canright, April 6 1881.

A letter from James White to Dudley M. Canright, May 24 1881.

A letter from James White to Dudley M. Canright, July 13 1881.

A letter from Uriah Smith to Dudley M. Canright, July 31 1883.

A letter from Uriah Smith to Dudley M. Canright, Aug 7 1883.

A letter from Uriah Smith to Dudley M. Canright, October 2 1883.


Cardinal yearbook, most years from 1923 to 2012. (64 issues)

Union College Clocktower, Digital editions. (83 issues)

The Medisonian, 1952 to 1964. (201 issues)

World Mission Report, 1970 to 1979. (27 issues)

The Seventh-day Adventist Yearbook, 1883 to 2013. (120 issues)

The Advent Herald New Series, April 1, 1848 to January 21, 1874. (911 issues)

Training School Advocate, January, 1899 to January, 1905. (50 issues)


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